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Continuously formed fiber reinforced composite strength member

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #8123887.

A continuous method for making a thermoset resin matrix, which is reinforced with predominantly continuous fibers, and the product made from that method. The product can be produced at a thickness below about 0.060'', or even below a thickness of about 0.035'', and incorporated as a material to combine with or attach to other products for providing an increased strength to those other products, such as wood support beams (gluelam), wood laminates, truck floors and trusses. The product can also be used to strengthen composite thermoplastic lumber, other thermoplastic extrusions and moldings, and aluminum extruded products, as well as for being added to pultruded or molded thermoset plastic products to allow for specific areas of increased strength while maintaining a low reinforcement level in other areas and for providing a resin rich surface.

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