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Apparatus for pressing a book casing against the adhesive-coated outside surfaces of a book block to be encased in a casing-in machine

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #8123450.

A saddle plate is disposed on a circulating conveyor which moves the saddle plate vertically upward. The saddle plate is arranged to receive a book block in a straddle like fashion with first and second adhesive-coated outside surfaces of book block being exposed. A pressing-on device operates synchronously with the circulating conveyor and includes two pressing-on rollers. Each roller presses a respective first or second book cover of a book casing against a respective first or second adhesive-coated outside surface. First and second drive motors are operatively coupled, respectively, with the pressing-on device and circulating conveyor. A drive control unit, operatively coupled to the first and second drives, controls the first and second drives and controllably links one to another. At least the first drive includes a controllable drive element.

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