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Mixing valve

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #8123140.

A mixing valve (10) includes a valve body (12) having a hot fluid inlet (14), a cold fluid inlet (16), a mixed fluid outlet (18), and a cavity (20) in the valve body (12) between the inlets (14, 16) and the outlet (18). Mixing valve (10) includes a liner (30, 130, 230, 430, 530, 630, 730, 830) positioned in valve body (12) and a valve member (40, 140, 240, 340, 440, 540, 640, 740, 840) movable therein between a first position restricting the flow of hot fluid and a second position. Liner (30, 130, 230, 430, 530, 630, 730, 830) includes a downstream valve seat (74, 174, 274, 474, 574, 674, 774) that, when engaged by valve member (40, 140, 240, 340, 440, 540, 640, 740, 840), restricts flow of hot fluid past valve member (40, 140, 240, 340, 440, 540, 640, 740, 840).

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