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Device for stirring and cooking food

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #8122815.

A cooking device and method heats a removable vessel with heaters of a cooking capsule, which includes a separator wall between the heaters and vessel. The heaters mount to the separator wall. The capsule is fixed in a housing, which also mounts a motor that rotates the vessel. The housing tiltably mounts on a base. Accessories can be fixed to the vessel or a lid secured to the housing, so the accessories can rotate with the vessel or remain stationary with respect to the vessel as it rotates. A locking mechanism that secures the lid to the housing prevents lid detachment when the vessel counter-rotates and an accessory is fixed to the lid. A heat sink wall reflects heat toward the vessel and fins draw heat from the heat sink wall away from the housing and out vent holes. Computer hardware and software control power to the motor and heaters.

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