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Methods and apparatus for control configuration control objects associated with a track attribute for selecting configuration information

Image Number 12 for United States Patent #8122434.

The invention provides improved apparatus for configuring a control system that includes a model that is made up of one or more objects representing one or more devices in the system. The objects have parameters reflecting characteristics of the devices represented by the respective objects. At least one of those parameters is associated with a "track" attribute indicating whether at least selected configuration information transferred from that object to the respective device in the control system is to be logged to a change tracking system. A download service transfers configuration information from objects in the model to devices in the control system. Those downloads can go directly to the respective devices or can go indirectly, e.g., via other devices in the control system (such as controllers, field bus modules, and so forth). Regardless, the download service according to this aspect of the invention generates for logging by the change tracking system indicia of that transferred configuration information. Generation of those indicia is governed, at least in part, by the "track" attribute associated with one or more of the parameters with which the transferred information is associated.

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