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Apparatus, system, and method for rapid grading of computer storage operating condition

Image Number 8 for United States Patent #8122294.

An apparatus, system, and method are disclosed for rapidly grading the operating condition of computer storage. A storage log module 312 logs error information regarding any error in a storage subsystem 302 that occurs during normal operation. A storage test module 314 performs a cursory check 318 of the storage subsystem 302 as requested by a user. A storage diagnostic module 316 grades the storage subsystem 302 on an operating condition scale based at least in part upon the error information logged and upon results of the cursory check 318. In one embodiment, the storage subsystem 302 is graded as pristine if no error has been logged and no error was detected by the cursory check 318, as potentially failing if any error has been logged but no error was detected by the cursory check 318, and as failing if any error was detected by the cursory check 318.

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