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Write-leveling implementation in programmable logic devices

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #8122275.

Circuits, methods, and apparatus for memory interfaces that compensate for skew between a clock signal and DQ/DQS signals that may be caused by a fly-by routing topology. The skew is compensated by clocking the DQ/DQS signals with a phase delayed clock signal, where the phase delay has been calibrated. In one example calibration routine, a clock signal is provided to a receiving device. A DQ/DQS signal is also provided and the timing of their reception compared. A delay of the DQ/DQS signal is changed incrementally until the DQ/DQS signal is aligned with the clock signal at the receiving device. This delay is then used during device operation to delay a signal that clocks registers providing the DQ/DQS signals. Each DQ/DQS group can be aligned to the clock, or the DQS and DQ signals in a group may be independently aligned to the clock at the receiving device.

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