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System, computer program product and method for managing and controlling a local network of electronic devices and reliably and securely adding an electronic device to the network

Image Number 12 for United States Patent #8122135.

A system method and computer program product for setting up a wireless electronic device to join a wireless local area network (LAN). The method upon which the system and computer program product is based includes sending a setup request from the wireless electronic device to a control device, the setup request including a request to be added to the wireless LAN, and receiving at the wireless device a data package from the control device, the data package including network information necessary for the wireless device to join the wireless LAN. The network information are then executed at the wireless device to establish a wireless connection to an access point of the wireless LAN. The setup request may be sent at a low power to ensure that only the control device in close proximity can receive the request. After the wireless connection to the LAN is established, the wireless electronic device resumes full power communications.

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