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Event handling system

Image Number 15 for United States Patent #8121973.

An event handling system to schedule and translate semantic deductions form Intelligent Agents and sensors into events capable of being made observable by a Recipient system such as monitor that provides a particular view of virtual objects and events is disclosed. The event handling system also encapsulates the system's notion of time. In fact, a human observer can shift the system along the temporal axis (up to the present) in order to replay events, or undertake analyses as a result of speeded-up or slowed-down notions of system time. The event handling system receives events from Clients/Sources via connections through the event handling system Input Portals, and uses Shared Memory as its form of inter-process communication with the Monitors. The event handling system makes events available for a recipient observation sub-system to read and provide their particular view. There can be many Clients and Recipient systems connected to the event handling system at the same time.

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