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Infrared communication apparatus and infrared communication method

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #8121488.

An infrared communication apparatus and method enabling data communication with a receiving device, regardless of a protocol with which the receiving device is compatible. A transmitting unit transmits a first packet to inquire whether a receiving device is compatible with a first protocol and transmits a second packet to inquire whether the receiving device is compatible with a second protocol, to the receiving device at least once, and transmits a plurality of third packets to inquire whether the receiving device is compatible with a third protocol, to the receiving device. A receiving unit receives a response packet indicating a protocol with which the receiving device is compatible, from the receiving device having received the first packet, the second packet, and the plurality of third packets. A data transmitting unit transmits data to the receiving device, based on the protocol indicated by the response packet received by the receiving unit.

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