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Method and system for the reduction of scanning time while roaming

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #8121091.

Described are systems, methods, and devices used for reducing scanning time while communicating between wireless mobile computing devices within a wireless communications network. The method includes the following step(s): receiving communication data from one or more APs within a network, the communication data being specific to each of the one or more APs and transmitting the communication data to an MU within the network. The MU is associated with a first AP and the MU associates with a second AP based on the communication data as the MU roams to the second AP. The method further includes the steps of: associating, by an MU, with a first AP within a network, receiving communication data from the first AP, the communication data including information specific to each of one or more further APs, and associating with one of the further APs based on the communication data.

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