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Method for allocating transmission capacities during a signal transmission, base station, and mobile terminal

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #8121079.

Transmission capacities are allocated during a signal transmission from a base station of a cellular radio network to a number of mobile terminals, the base station simultaneously sending a plurality of oriented radio beams. A first candidate set of radio beams is defined, the main parameters thereof changing only slowly in relation to an acknowledgement time of the terminals. Information relating to the radio beams of the candidate set is then signaled to the terminals from the base station. Furthermore, pilot signals are emitted from the base station by the radio beams of the candidate set at short temporal intervals in relation to the variation time of the radio beams. The terminals respectively determine an SINR value for each of the radio beams of the candidate set by way of the received pilot signals and, for each received radio beam, respectively transmit an acknowledgement value determined on the basis of the corresponding SINR value to the base station. The acknowledgement values enable suitable combinations of radio beams for a subsequent signal transmission from the base station to be allocated to the different terminals.

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