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Device and method for microstructuring a storage medium and storage medium comprising a microstructured region

Image Number 10 for United States Patent #8120996.

A device providing for microstructuring a storage medium includes a radiation source for producing an at least partially coherent beam from electromagnetic radiation, a modulator provided with a plurality of individually switchable modulator elements, a beam-forming optical element for illuminating the modulator, a reducing optical element for reducing a beam radiated by the modulator, and a transport table for displacing the storage medium in relation to the reducing optical element. The device solves technical problems caused by writing of microstructuring and individual diffractive optical elements, in particular computer-generated holograms having a high speed and high writing energy. The device is achieved in that the reducing optical element is configured with limited diffraction and produces a surface reduction of at least 25 from a surface of the individually switchable modulator elements.

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