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Tether-containing conducting polymers

Image Number 13 for United States Patent #8120893.

A compound having the formula below. X is hydroxyl, a sulfonic ester or salt thereof, a phosphonate or salt thereof, a carboxylate or salt thereof, or a boronic ester or salt thereof. The value n is an integer greater than or equal to 2. A polymer made by polymerizing the compound. A method of: reacting NH.sub.2--(CH.sub.2--CH.sub.2--O).sub.n--CH.sub.2--CH.sub.2--OH with thiophene acid chloride to form a (SC.sub.4H.sub.3)--CO--NH--(CH.sub.2--CH.sub.2--O) b.2--OH amide; reacting the amide with a vinyl sulfonic ester, a vinyl phosphonate, a vinyl carboxylate, or a vinyl boronic ester to form an intermediate; and converting the intermediate to a salt form. ##STR00001##

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