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Focus control apparatus useful for image pick up apparatuses equipped with an auto focus function and method therefor

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #8120698.

A focus control apparatus and method capable of shortening a focus adjustment time in focus control. The method includes extracting a first high frequency component depending upon a first cutoff frequency and a second high frequency component depending upon a second cutoff frequency higher than the first cutoff frequency from a video signal, generating first and second contrast signals of the video signal respectively based on the first and second high frequency components, using a quotient obtained by dividing a value of the first contrast signal by that of the second contrast signal as a parameter, exercising focus control based on the parameter, and setting the first and second cutoff frequencies so as to cause a value of the parameter to assume a peak when a focus lens in an image pickup apparatus is located in a position at a predetermined distance from an in-focus position.

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