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Image sensing apparatus, image sensing apparatus control method, and imaging system

Image Number 8 for United States Patent #8120681.

An image sensing apparatus includes a pixel array, a readout unit and an output unit having an output line group, a plurality of difference circuits, a first dummy line and a second dummy line. The output line group is interposed between the first dummy line and the second dummy line. The readout unit includes a plurality of memory circuits, each including a first holding capacitance and a second holding capacitance. A gain determined by a ratio of a capacitance value of the first holding capacitance and a capacitance value of a first output line is applied to the first signal output to the first output line, and a gain determined by a ratio of a capacitance value of the second holding capacitance and a capacitance value of a second output line is applied to the second signal output to the second output line.

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