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System with semiconductor components having encapsulated through wire interconnects (TWI)

Image Number 14 for United States Patent #8120167.

A method for fabricating a semiconductor component with an encapsulated through wire interconnect includes the steps of providing a substrate having a first side, a second side and a substrate contact; forming a via in the substrate contact and the substrate to the second side; placing a wire in the via; forming a first contact on the wire proximate to the first side and a second contact on the wire proximate to the second side; and forming a polymer layer on the first side leaving the first contact exposed. The polymer layer can be formed using a film assisted molding process including the steps of: forming a mold film on tip portions of the bonding members, molding the polymer layer, and then removing the mold film to expose the tip portions of the bonding members. The through wire interconnect provides a multi level interconnect having contacts on opposing sides of the semiconductor substrate.

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