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Semiconductor device and photomask

Image Number 14 for United States Patent #8120116.

Shared contact holes SC1 and SC2 reach both gate electrode layers GE1 and GE2 and a drain region PIR. In a planar view, a sidewall E2 of gate electrode layers GE1 and GE2 is shifted toward a side of a sidewall E4 from a virtual extended line E1a of the sidewall E1. In a planar view, a center line of a line width D1 in a portion that shared contact holes SC1 and SC2 of gate electrode layers GE1 and GE2 reach is located while shifted with respect to a center line of a line width D2 in a portion located on channel formation regions CHN1 and CHN2 of gate electrode layers GE1 and GE2. Therefore, a semiconductor device and a photomask that can suppress an opening defect of the shared contact hole are obtained.

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