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Heat-sensitive transfer sheet and image-forming method using heat-sensitive transfer system

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #8119562.

A heat-sensitive transfer sheet that is used in an image-forming method using a heat-sensitive transfer system, which method comprises the steps of superposing the heat-sensitive transfer sheet having at least one yellow heat transfer layer, at least one magenta heat transfer layer, and at least one cyan heat transfer layer on a support, and a heat-sensitive transfer image-receiving sheet having at least one dye receptor layer on a support, and then transferring at least three kinds of heat transferable dyes to the dye receptor layer sequentially, which heat-sensitive transfer sheet satisfies the following Formula (1): .mu.1>.mu.2>.mu.3m Formula (1) where .mu.1, .mu.2 and .mu.3 are coefficients of static friction as defined herein.

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