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Method and apparatus providing refractive index structure for a device capturing or displaying images

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #8119440.

A transient index stack having an intermediate transient index layer, for use in an imaging device or a display device, that reduces reflection between layers having different refractive indexes by making a gradual transition from one refractive index to another. Other embodiments include a pixel array in an imaging or display device, an imager system having improved optical characteristics for reception of light by photosensors and a display system having improved optical characteristics for transmission of light by photoemitters. Enhanced reception of light is achieved by reducing reflection between a photolayer, for example, a photosensor or photoemitter, and surrounding media by introducing an intermediate layer with a transient refractive index between the photolayer and surrounding media such that more photons reach the photolayer. The surrounding media can include a protective layer of optically transparent media.

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