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Method for manufacturing diamond monocrystal having a thin film, and diamond monocrystal having a thin film

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #8119241.

A method for growing a low-resistance phosphorus-doped epitaxial thin film having a specific resistance of 300 or less at 300 K on a principal surface of a {111} monocrystal substrate under conditions in which the phosphorus atom/carbon atom ratio is 3% or higher, includes the principal surface having an off-angle of or greater. The diamond monocrystal having a low-resistance phosphorus-doped diamond epitaxial thin film is such that the thin-film surface has an off-angle of or greater with respect to the {111} plane, and the specific resistance of the low-resistance phosphorus-doped diamond epitaxial thin film is 300 or less at 300 K.

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