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Crop residue flow distributor for an agricultural combine

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #8118650.

An adjustable flow distributor for a spreader of an agricultural combine operable for discharging a flow of straw and other crop residue in a sideward direction for deposition over a field, the flow distributor including an edge portion oriented at an oblique angle to a reference such as a back plate of the spreader, defining an oblique shaped space therebetween, the edge portion being pivotally adjustable in the fore and aft direction for controlling the portions of the flow of crop residue deposited beneath the spreader and discharged sidewardly therefrom, respectively, for instance, so as to better and more evenly distribute the crop residue over a swath of an agricultural field from which the crop was harvested, particularly a region of the swath in proximity to the spreader and/or chopper.

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