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Image Number 19 for United States Patent #8118489.

The bag may include first and second sidewalls joined along a first side edge, a second side edge and a bottom edge. The sidewalls may be un-joined along their top edges to form an opening. When the bag is placed in a trash receptacle, the top edges may be folded over the rim of the receptacle. To assist with securing the bag to the receptacle, the bag may include an elongated elastic strap of elastic material attached by a first end to an attachment point proximate the first sidewall and by a second end to an attachment point proximate the second sidewall. The strap length and attachment point locations are selected so that, when the strap is in a relaxed state, the strap may not extend to the side edge. The strap may be stretched commensurate with the side edge when folding the top edges about the receptacle rim.

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