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Low-profile pathway illumination system

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #8118456.

A luminaire to illuminate surfaces comprises a housing, a mounting fixture and a light source. The housing includes a base having a bottom surface positionable on a surface to be illuminated, an interior, and at least one window providing access between the interior and an exterior of the housing. The mounting fixture extends at least approximately perpendicularly downward with respect to the bottom surface of the base to secure the housing into a peripheral portion of the surface to be illuminated. The light source has a principal axis of emission that is directed outwardly through the window of the housing at a downwardly oriented angle with respect to the bottom surface of the base such that, when in use with the luminaire mounted to the surface to be illuminated, the principal axis of emission of the light source is directed at a portion of the surface to be illuminated.

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