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Glove box knee bolster assembly for vehicle and method of manufacturing

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #8118348.

A glove box and knee bolster assembly for a vehicle panel, such as an instrument panel, can include a storage bin, an energy absorbing panel, and a lid. The energy absorbing panel can include a rib wall, a first plurality of ribs, a second plurality of ribs, and a plurality of openings formed in at least one of the first plurality of ribs. The lid can include a plurality of hooks. The rear surface of the lid can be secured to the plurality of ribs by a weld. The weld can cooperate with the plurality of ribs and the rear surface to define a first load path that extends from the lid to the energy absorbing panel. The plurality of hooks can extend from the rear surface and pass through respective ones of the plurality of openings. The plurality of hooks can engage the at least one rib via the respective openings and cooperate with the at least one rib to define a second load path from the lid to the energy absorbing panel that is separate from the first load path.

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