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Remotely-operated rope-threading tool

Image Number 12 for United States Patent #8118340.

A tool for threading a rope through a distant eye or around an object out of reach, such as for elevating tarps into trees, or placing fall protection lines, or securing a distant object. The tool has two curved arms that extend out from the body in unison and converge at a point where the end of the rope is passed from one arm to the other. The arms are then retracted back into the body, pulling the rope through the eye or around the object. The arms are extended by pulling one control line and retracted by pulling a second control line. The tool is typically mounted on the end of a pole, although other mountings are possible. The shape of the tool enables ropes to be threaded through a large number of eye configurations and around objects of varying sizes, even if there are obstructions adjacent the eye.

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