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Fluidized bed systems and methods including micro-jet flow

Image Number 19 for United States Patent #8118243.

Methods and systems for enhancing fluidization of nanoparticle and/or nanoagglomerates are provided. A fluidization chamber is provided with a fluidizing medium directed in a first fluidizing direction, e.g., upward into and through a bed containing a volume of nanoparticles and/or nanopowders. A second source of air/gas flow is provided with respect to the fluidization chamber, the secondary air/gas flow generally being oppositely directed relative to the fluidizing medium. Turbulence created by the secondary gas flow is advantageously effective to aerate the agglomerates and the shear generated by the jet is advantageously effective to break apart nanoagglomerates and/or reduce the tendency for nanoagglomerates to form or reform. A downwardly directed source of secondary gas flow located near the main gas distributor leads to full fluidization of the entire amount of powder in the column. The oppositely directed fluid flow facilitates powder circulation within the fluidization chamber, thereby enhancing fluidization results.

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