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Multiple camera imaging-based bar code reader with optimized imaging field

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #8118227.

A multicamera imaging-based bar code reader wherein for least one camera assembly of the reader, a sensor array of the camera assembly is non-orthogonal with respect to an optical axis of an imaging lens assembly of the camera assembly such that an imaging or scanning volume of the camera assembly more closely conforms to a desired imaging field or region of the reader. In one exemplary embodiment the reader features: a housing supporting first and second transparent presentation windows and defining an interior region; an imaging system including a plurality of camera assemblies within the interior region, at least one camera assembly includes a sensor array and an imaging lens assembly, the sensor array being positioned with respect to the imaging lens assembly at an angle so as to be non-orthogonal with respect to an optical axis of the imaging lens assembly of the camera assembly.

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