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Canister-holding structure for supporting a cylindrical canister in a vehicle

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #8118128.

A canister holding structure for mounting an evaporative emissions canister, having a cylindrical body portion, to a vehicle body. A central axis of the cylindrical body portion extends in a direction other than perpendicular to a ground surface. The canister holding structure includes a holding member, including an annular portion which substantially surrounds the cylindrical body portion of the canister, and a fixing portion for attaching to the vehicle body. Positioning structure is provided for positioning the canister in relation to the holding member. The positioning structure is provided to both the annular portion and the canister. In one illustrative embodiment, the positioning structure includes at least one projection provided on a periphery of the cylindrical body portion of the canister, and multiple holes provided in the annular portion of the holding member, where each of the multiple holes is engageable with the projection.

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