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Method and device for generation of out-of-phase binary signals, and use of the same

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #8117484.

A method for the generation of binary signals (So1, So2, So3) which are out-of-phase with a control phase angle (?) which is continuously variable in relation to at least one synchronisation binary signal from a set of synchronisation binary signals (Si1, Si2, Si3) which have the same variable period, such as those creating rising and falling fronts of the out-of-phase signals (So1, So2, So3) by calculating at least one level switching time at least from rising or falling synchronisation fronts of the synchronisation binary signal (Si1, Si2, Si3) at least according to the control phase angle (?). According to the invention, at least one reference front is selected from the synchronisation fronts such that the time is as short as possible.

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