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Method of randomly and dynamically checking configuration integrity of a gaming system

Image Number 12 for United States Patent #8117461.

In a gaming environment, a method of periodically downloading dynamically generated executable modules at random intervals that perform system configuration integrity checks in a secure and verifiable manner is disclosed. The dynamically generated executable modules are created on a server machine and are themselves signed using industry standard PKI techniques, and contain randomly chosen subset from a repertoire of proven hashing and encryption algorithms that are executed on the system to be checked to create a unique signature of the state of that system. The dynamically generated executable module returns the signature to the server machine from which it was downloaded and deletes itself from the system being checked. The next time such an executable module is downloaded, it will contain a different randomly chosen subset of hashing and encryption algorithms. The server that is performing the system configuration integrity check maintains a database of expected system configurations and performs the same subset of hashing and encryption algorithms as contained in the dynamically generated executable module. The result returned by the downloaded executable module is compared to that computed locally, and an error condition is raised if they do not match.

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