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Transactional memory system which employs thread assists using address history tables

Image Number 14 for United States Patent #8117403.

A computing system uses specialized "Set Associative Transaction Tables" and additional "Summary Transaction Tables" to speed the processing of common transactional memory conflict cases and those which employ assist threads using an Address History Table and processes memory transactions with a Transaction Table in memory for parallel processing of multiple threads of execution by support of which an application need not be aware. Special instructions may mark the boundaries of a transaction and identify memory locations applicable to a transaction. A `private to transaction` (PTRAN) tag, directly addressable as part of the main data storage memory location, enables a quick detection of potential conflicts with other transactions that are concurrently executing on another thread of said computing system. The tag indicates whether (or not) a data entry in memory is part of a speculative memory state of an uncommitted transaction that is currently active in the system.

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