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Heating and cooling system using compressed fluid

Image Number 11 for United States Patent #8116913.

Use of compressed air for indoor ambient temperature conditioning. Thermal energy is imparted to or extracted from compressed air, and the compressed air is released inside a structure enclosing a space. The compressed air may be used as a direct heat conduction/extraction medium. A flow of external air is created over a heat exchanger mass, so that thermal energy of the compressed air flowing inside the heat exchanger mass is transferred to the external flow of air flowing outside the heat exchanger mass. In addition to being a direct heat conduction/extraction medium, the compressed air is used as heat transfer medium, that ultimately gets mixed with the flow of external air. Fresh external air may be used. A local feedback loop may be used to route back a portion of temperature-conditioned air to regulate a flow of external air over a heat exchanger mass.

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