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Servo accelerator system for optical drives

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #8116178.

A method of operating a channel module, including: receiving a plurality of sensor signals generated based on at least one detected characteristic of a laser beam of an optical drive; performing computations based on the plurality of sensor signals; generating a computation output signal based on the computations; generating a first control signal and a second control signal; generating a first input signal based on (i) the computation output signal, (ii) the first control signal, and (iii) a first set of filter values; generating a second input signal based on (i) the second control signal, (ii) a second set of filter values, and (iii) an accumulated output signal; generating the accumulated output signal based on a sum of products generated based on the first input signal and the second input signal; and adjusting the at least one detected characteristic of the laser beam based on the accumulated output signal.

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