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Laser ultrasonic detection device including a laser oscillating device which includes a seed laser oscillating element

Image Number 17 for United States Patent #8115936.

A laser maintenance apparatus including a laser system which includes an optical system for emitting, in a first irradiation condition, a generation laser beam for generating an ultrasonic wave in a portion of an object on which maintenance is to be performed, and including a laser source configured to generate and detect a detection laser beam which interacts with the ultrasonic wave generated by the laser light beam in the first condition. The laser maintenance apparatus also includes a light transmitting device for transmitting laser light emitted from the laser system, a laser irradiation device for irradiating laser light transmitted by the light transmitting device to the object portion, and a transporting/scanning mechanism for transporting the light transmitting device and the laser irradiation device to a portion near the object portion, and scanning over an arbitrary range at the object portion.

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