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Dot-tag visibility network architecture

Image Number 12 for United States Patent #8115628.

The system employs full transceivers, each having peer-to-peer, client/server, and IP networking capabilities, and covering open-area ranges of up to 100 feet. The system uses Low Frequency for data communications so it can achieve both low cost (less costly than many RF-ID tags) and long battery life (10-15 years). Additionally, since these tags have batteries, static RAM maybe be added at very low cost, as well as sensors, LED's displays etc. The system also employs a sidewinder that communicates to said tag regularly, said sidewinder keeps the IP address of said tag. The system also employs an embedded VPN. The VPN includes a suite of diagnostic tools that run on a laptop. The system also includes a visibility data server that communicates to the sidewinder by the VPN. The data server includes a virtual tag data base, said virtual tag data base updated by the sidewinder.

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