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Oscillation type electromagnetic power generator and method for manufacturing oscillation type electromagnetic power generator

Image Number 8 for United States Patent #8115350.

A specific condition for enhancing the power generation efficiency of an oscillation type electromagnetic power generator is disclosed. Solenoid coils constituting the oscillation type electromagnetic power generator are wound in directions opposite to each other with a predetermined coil gap therebetween. Adjacent magnets of a movable magnet are connected to each other via a spacer having a predetermined thickness in such a manner that poles with the same polarity are opposed to each other. A coil pitch which is the total dimension of the coil length of one solenoid coil and the coil gap and a magnet pitch which is the total dimension of the magnet length of one magnet of the movable magnet and the thickness of the spacer are almost equal to each other, and the coil length is shorter than the magnet length.

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