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Arrangement for dissipating thermal energy generated by a light emitting diode

Image Number 10 for United States Patent #8115229.

An arrangement for dissipating thermal energy generated by an LED includes an LED and a thermal energy dissipating medium. The LED includes an LED circuit, encapsulating material surrounding the LED circuit, and first and second electrical leads extending into the encapsulating material and electrically connected to the LED circuit. The thermal energy dissipating medium defines an opening therethrough sized to receive therein the LED such that the thermal energy dissipating medium defining the opening is in physical, thermally conductive contact with an exterior surface of at least one side portion of the encapsulating material of the LED. The thermal energy dissipating medium is not electrically connected to any of the LED circuit, the mounting surface, the first electrical lead and the second electrical lead. The thermal energy dissipating medium is formed of a material having a thermal conductivity of greater than or equal to 50 W/mK.

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