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Tilting-type automatic pouring method and storage medium

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #8114338.

A tilting-type automatic pouring method for pouring molten metal from a ladle with an outflow position into a mold. The method includes tilting the ladle forward to pour molten metal into the mold, measuring a weight of poured molten metal, calculating a flow rate of the molten metal flowing out of the ladle based on the measured weight of poured molten metal, estimating a weight of molten metal that will be poured during a backward tilting. The method also includes estimating a total weight of molten metal based on the measured weight of poured molten metal and the estimated weight of molten metal that will be poured during the backward tilting and comparing the estimated total weight of molten metal to a predetermined weight. When the estimated total weight is equal to or larger than the predetermined weight, the backward tilting is started.

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