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Bipolar endoscopic surgical scissor blades and instrument incorporating the same

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #8114074.

Endoscopic bipolar scissor blades are formed in a laminate assembly of an electrically conductive electrode, an electrically insulating material, and a metal shearing surface which is electrically insulated and physically spaced from the electrode by the insulating material which is disposed therebetween. In one embodiment, the electrode is a metal blade, while the insulating material is a ceramic which is fixed to the metal blade, and the metal shearing surface which also provides the cutting edge is of a metal material which is fixed to the ceramic. In a second embodiment, the insulating material is a molded ceramic blade, with the electrode and the metal shearing surface layer metalized or otherwise fixed to the ceramic blade. In a third embodiment, the electrode is metalized on a thin layer insulating material which is fixed onto a metallic blade. In a fourth embodiment, metallic shearing and electrode layers are laminated to opposite sides of a fiberglass material. In all embodiments, the metal cutting edges and surfaces are insulated from the electrodes, and no short circuit can form between the electrodes even though the cutting edges and shearing surfaces are metal.

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