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Dual action recumbent exercise cycle

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #8113996.

A dual action recumbent exercise cycle which provides upper body, lower body and cardiovascular conditioning with emphasis directed toward the needs of obese individuals as well as individuals with equilibrium issues such as Parkinson's Disease, Multiple Sclerosis and Stroke. The apparatus includes a multi-configurable seat which is horizontally displaced from the foot pedal and handlebar assemblies. A vaned wheel rotatably mounted on the frame and arranged to absorb energy by movement of the broad surfaces of the vanes against the surrounding body of air. A derailleur mechanism is provided for additional options of resistance intensity. Rotation of the wheel is effected through a pair of foot pedals and connected chain and sprocket/hub mechanism and/or through a pair of handlebar assemblies. The handlebar assemblies each include a pivotal spring housing mechanism which enables the handlebars to be both retractable and variable in their positioning to the user. Each handlebar assembly is pivotally connected to the frame and is also connected to a respective eccentric through a crank ring rotatably mounted on that eccentric and a drive bar connected to both the crank ring and the handlebar stem. The two eccentrics are arranged 180 degrees out of phase and are connected to the foot pedals so as to rotate in response to both the pivotal movement of the handlebar stems and the circular movement of the foot pedals. As the eccentrics are drivably connected to the vaned wheel, that vaned wheel is caused to rotate in response to rotation of the eccentrics.

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