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Off-axis misalignment compensating fiber optic cable interface

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #8113721.

An off-axis misalignment compensating fiber optic cable plug is provided. The plug has a cable interface to engage a fiber optic core end, where the fiber optic core has a cross-sectional area. The plug also includes a lens having a first surface to transceive an optical signal with a jack. The first surface has a cross-sectional area at least 30 times as large as the core cross-sectional area. The lens has a second surface to transceive optical signals with the fiber optic line core end. In one aspect, the lens has an axis and the lens first surface is convex with a radius of curvature capable of receiving an optical signal beam with a beam axis of up to .+-.2 degrees off from the lens axis. Even 2 degrees off-axis, the lens is able to focus the beam on the fiber optic line core end.

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