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Manufacturing cementitious reinforcing support devices

Image Number 10 for United States Patent #8110134.

Lightweight trays are fabricated containing a multitude of cavities in shapes for molding dobies for supporting concrete reinforcing, such as rebar. The trays are sized to fit boxes of a convenient size and weight. The trays are also designed in a way that when placed into the box they make a seal between the tray edges and the inside wall of the box. This seal allows the cavities in the tray to be filled with grout without spilling into a lower tray. The trays are also designed so that when placed into the box and turned, alternating to each other, the lower tray provides support to the upper tray. The boxes are sealed and the dobies are allowed to cure inside the box. The size and arrangement of trays and boxes is designed to fit uniformly on a standard pallet for convenient handling, storage, and shipping.

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