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Vibration damper with a stop spring

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #8109491.

A vibration damper, comprising a damping medium-filled cylinder, in which a piston rod is guided with freedom of axial movement, where, inside a working space in the cylinder, a stop spring in the form of a circular ring is located, which, after the piston rod has reached a defined stroke position, is compressed between a stop surface on the piston rod side and an end surface forming an axial boundary of the working space, and where the stop spring also forms a boundary of a radially inner space, which is connected to the working space outside the stop spring by means of at least one radial channel. The stop surface on the piston rod side and/or the axially limiting end surface is formed by a rigid body and is provided with at least one radial channel, which extends from the radially inner space to the radially outer working space, "inner" and "outer" being defined with respect to the stop spring.

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