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Devices and methods for recovering articles inadvertently submerged in a body of water

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #8105124.

A device and method for recovering articles inadvertently submerged in a body of water are disclosed. The device comprises a housing attachable to the article, the housing defining a storage chamber with a storage chamber opening at one end. The storage chamber contains a buoyant flotation element held in the storage chamber by a water-activated release mechanism that permits the flotation element to move toward and through the storage chamber opening when the device is submerged in water. The flotation element remains connected to the housing by a connection mechanism. The device housing also may include a biasing mechanism configured to bias the flotation element toward the storage chamber opening. The method includes attaching the housing to the article to be retrieved, having the flotation element release from the housing and float to the surface of the water and following the connection mechanism from the flotation element to the housing.

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