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Method and device for providing a multi-level user interface having a dynamic key assignment for a cellularly communicative device

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #8103970.

A method and system for providing a user interface over a display screen of a cellularly communicative electronic device are disclosed. One such method can include the steps of: (i) concurrently providing on a first display screen, a first menu level providing one or more functional groupings and a second menu level providing one or more choices within at least one of the functional groupings; (ii) permitting a user to advance a cursor freely across the first menu level and the second menu level to select a desired choice within the one or more choices; and (iii) providing at least a second display screen in response to the selection of the desired choice, wherein a dynamic key assignment is displayed for a key included in a device keypad and wherein the dynamic key assignment is a function of the desired choice.

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