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Analysis method for image data records including automatic specification of analysis regions

Image Number 9 for United States Patent #8103067.

There is described an analysis method for at least one image data record of an examination object, wherein each image data record features a multiplicity of image data elements. A position in a multidimensional space is assigned to each image data element. Each image data element features an image data value. The image data values of positionally corresponding image data elements of the image data records are specified by means of at least essentially positionally identical regions of the examination object. A computer automatically divides the image data records into empty regions and signal regions, applying an overall assignment rule which is based on the image data values of the image data elements of a plurality of image data records, such that each image data element of each image data record is assigned to either its empty region or its signal region. For each image data record, the computer automatically determines a closed outline which fully contains the signal region of the relevant image data record and, on the basis of the closed outline of the relevant image data record, determines an analysis region such that a further analysis of the relevant image data record can be restricted to its analysis region.

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