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Voicemail box with caller-specific storage folders

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #8102977.

A method and system are provided for creating and utilizing caller-specific memory locations or folders within a single voicemail box of a telecommunications network-based voicemail system. A subscriber to voicemail services sets up a plurality of caller-specific memory locations or folders within her voicemail box for directing incoming messages to particular folders. Preferably, the folders are specific to particular callers based on the caller directory number or caller ID. The subscriber assigns a given folder with directory numbers of callers known to be associated with that folder. When a call comes in to the voicemail system with a directory number associated with a given folder, the voice message from that call is directed to and saved in the associated folder. If desired, personal identification numbers (PIN) may be assigned to each folder to control access to messages saved therein.

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