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Semiconductor chip attach configuration having improved thermal characteristics

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #8102038.

A semiconductor chip 101 with surface 101b free of circuitry assembled on a metal carrier 102 by an attachment layer 103 with thickness 103a. Included in layer 103 are metal bodies 104 and an adhesive polymeric compound 105 between bodies 104. Metal bodies 104 form metal inter-diffusions with carrier 102 and extend from the carrier across thickness 103a, stopping at and contacting second chip surface 101b. The high thermal conductivity of metal bodies 104 greatly increases the thermal conductivity of the attachment layer. The metal bodies may be arrayed in a regularly spaced pattern in x- and y-directions, as well as in enhanced concentrations in locations of thermal hot spots and of high thermomechnical stresses. In the latter application, the metal bodies prevent the growth of microcracks and delamination.

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