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Systems and methods for propagating alerts via a hierarchy of grids

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #8099681.

The present solution addresses the displaying of multiple levels of information in a constrained display footprint in a manner that allows a user to be vigilant over the information. Systems and methods are described herein for organizing data and information queries against data sources in a relational display with hierarchical grids, linked to query results, score displays, and alert monitoring. In an embodiment of the present solution, a system allows an analyst to view results and status from monitoring numerous and persistent queries against real-time data streams. Many of these queries may be inter-related and composed in a way to comprehensively analyze a problem. To display, monitor, and interact with a collection of queries, the present solution provides a relational display that makes use of a set of grids via a feature referred to as "grid of grids". The grids may be arranged in a hierarchy of any number of levels. For example, the grids may be arranged as a directed acyclic graph to facilitate nesting of grids, in which the grids are expanded according to the complexity and levels of granularity in the decomposition of queries for a problem or domain of interest.

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